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Shropshire Oak Carpentry Co.

Shropshire Oak Carpentry: Leaders in conservation, restoration and sympathetic extension  

Shropshire Oak Carpentry Co.

Shropshire Oak Carpentry Company has over 30 years of experience in the repair and conservation of some of the finest timber framed buildings in Shropshire and surrounding counties. The knowledge gained from this experience has been put to designing and building new oak framed buildings, especially the sympathetic extension to historic and Listed Buildings


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Simon Harper trained as a furniture designer / maker, has worked at the Wealden Downland Museum and was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Scholarship to study the craft revival of timber framed buildings in North America. The knowledge gained from these experiences is used to sensitively repair historic buildings maintaining as much of the original fabric as practical, improving energy efficiency with better infill panels and glazing, without compromising the original structure. 

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